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12 Gin bars in Barcelona

gin bars in Barcelona

There are many Gin bars in Barcelona, but there are some that are a cut above the rest. If you really want the true experience of visiting GBIB, the bars in this list are sure to please. Each offers a unique place to have a drink and enough atmosphere to draw you in, so you want to stay a while. A trip to a gin bar is a part of Barcelona you won’t want to miss.

These are the best gin bars in Barcelona

Old Fashioned

This is one of the most popular gin bars in Barcelona because it has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere combined with classy service and great music. Seating is both at the bar and in red leather booths throughout the space. Old fashioned decor and uniforms on the bartenders make this a place to get comfortable and stay awhile.

Dry Martini

This iconic gin bar is well known in Barcelona, both for its drinks and its atmosphere. For the last 40 years, the bar has been serving classic cocktails as well as some innovative new ideas from the master mixologists. It makes the list of the World’s 50 Best Bars and is definitely worth a visit.

Bobby Gin

Found in the Gracia neighbourhood, Bobby Gin is a definite must for anyone wanting to enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona. Signature cocktails, including the gin and tonic, are standard here, but you can also try creative cuisine along with your drink. Classy music and understated decor make this a place you’ll want to visit more than once.

Boca Chica

Elegant and spacious, this is one of the top gin bars in Barcelona and is a sure-fire winner for any night of the week. Glass walls and warm wood turns this delightful bar in the heart of Eixample into a place to enjoy drinks after work or on the weekend. An extravagant list of signature cocktails coupled with a relaxed vibe makes this the perfect place to hang out and stay awhile.


Nestled right in the city centre, Solange is an experience you won’t want to miss, whether you live in Barcelona or are just visiting. Innovative cocktails are served in a sophisticated way and classy music adds to the atmosphere. You’ll get a kick out of the creatively named cocktails but will also enjoy all the old favourites too.


Swanky red decor and lively bartenders are two of the top reasons to pay Slow a visit. The delicious and perfectly prepared cocktails are another. There are drinks inspired from flavours across the globe and the dancing here will make you want to stay all night long. A night in Barcelona isn’t the same without a stop at Slow.

El Paradiso

A throwback vibe and classic gin cocktails will lure you into this bar. But you’ll want to stay and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and delicious food too. From the basic gin and tonic to the creamy pina colada, there’s something on the menu to delight just about anyone and the island decor will make you feel like your night out is a vacation.


A traditional Spanish feel is just part of what makes this bar remarkable. Gorgeous tiles on the floors, warm woods and shades of red make the space inviting, but the natural light and delicious cocktails are top notch too. Since 1912, visitors and locals alike have enjoyed everything that Confiteria has to offer.


Personal service and a cosy atmosphere make this a gin bar that’s great for an intimate gathering with friends or loved ones. You’ll definitely want to try one of the many gin and tonic options, but the menu also features other classics, as well as some creative new cocktails to tantalize.


The iconic gin and tonic is just one of the reasons to visit Ajoblanco. Opened in 2014, the bar is manned by master mixologists who can make anything, from classic cocktails to innovative new creations that hit the menu regularly. The tapas that come from the kitchen lend your experience at Ajoblanco another layer of Spanish flair. Fresh food and an extensive wine list are just a couple more reasons to stop in.


Voted one the world’s best bars, Mutis is like going to a fancy dinner party at the home of an elite. The bar is in a converted apartment and features gin and tonics and tapas to please any guest. The lovely speakeasy feel is enhanced with the live band and the doorman that greets you as you enter. Brand new twists on classic cocktails will leave you wanting more every time you visit.

The Lime House

Run by the same team as the popular Rubi, this gin bar gets its claim to fame from the homemade gins that used in the drinks that star on the menu. If you’re feeling adventurous try the roast lamb flavoured gin. The party-like atmosphere is great for a night out with friends and the music will leave you wanting to dance all night long.