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Best Barcelona Nightlife [Complete Guide 2020]

barcelona nightlife

Nightlife in Barcelona is known all over the world because of how it blends culture and nightlife. Barcelona nightlife has enough of the best bars, liveliest nightclubs, VIP night tours, sightseeing, and hedonistic boat parties.

You can do more than enough bar hopping, hangout with hippies, have a pack of helluva party punch, or get down with the glitterati after sunset before the sun rises again. Barcelona city has close to two million people, and you may wonder, where is the nightlife in Barcelona?

The “Best Barcelona Nightlife [Complete Guide 2020]” gives you all the information you need for amazing nocturnal adventures around the clock along with general vibes.

Best Area To Stay In Barcelona For Nightlife

Whether you are a first-timer or a regular visitor, Barcelona hotspots nightlife makes it a perfect place to be and has cool places to stay. If you are interested in Barcelona nightlife districts for parties, choose the best place to stay in Barcelona for nightlife, where you can conveniently access pubs, clubs, discos and best bars in Barcelona to suit your perfect night plan.

Port Olimpic

It is the place to be during summertime! If you want a more upmarket experience, Port Olimpic Barcelona nightlife is epic. There is a string of luxurious lounge bars such as Bestial, CDLC, and Shoko, which attracts a well-off crowd of people of diverse culture to sip cocktails on beach terraces.

Afterward, the group moves indoors to set about and dirty on the dance floor. Most of these beach clubs close at 3 am, but the infamous Catwalk, Pacha, and Opium extend to 6 am. To be sure you will get in, subscribe to the guest list and get inside for free before 2 am or invest in a VIP club card.

best nightlife in barcelona

During summer, you can subscribe to a VIP nightlife tour. VIP subscription ushers you into Pacha and Optium like a rock star. To kick start the night at Port Olimpic, begin by their ice bar for a dip in the sub-zero chamber where everything even the glasses is frozen.

The terraces are also cool places for cocktail hangouts. Down from the posh lounge clubs, there is a row of free entry club and bars that offer everything from techno to salsa, and a taste of odd fast food.

Near The Beach

If you are serious about having fun, the Olympic port Barcelona nightlife beach has an epic boat party known as booze cruise and leaves several times a week in summer. There are beers, BBQs, DJs, hunks in trunks, swim stops, babes in bikinis, and lots of shenanigans.

The four different parties include the booze cruise and the sophisticated champagne sunset cruises. After the partying, the organizers give a free club entry on Port Olimpic, so your nightlife continues on dry land.

If your shoes cannot get past the seafront, then you can join one of the beach parties at beach bars (chiringuitos) or layabouts on the sand strumming a guitar and smoking something that is entirely not legal.

Las Ramblas

If you are a first time visitor, this is the best place for you. There are narrow streets on either side that get heaving in early evenings when street performers are playing their trade, while tourists and locals are heading out for dinner and drinks.

Las Ramblas is a medieval old town and is becoming the busiest boulevard by day in Barcelona. In early evenings, restaurants spill over with customers who go there to fuel themselves on tapas and other treats.

nightlife in barcelona spain

The strip also has several clubs and bars. The most well-known is the Boulevard, Boadas cocktail bar, and the Kiosk La Cazalla clubs. At the bottom of the boulevard, there is Wild Rover Irish Pub, which is always great for a pint of the black.

For a more sophisticated Las Ramblas Barcelona nightlife, take a small detour to Carrer Sitges and start your night with bourbon or scotch at La Whiskeria Cocktail Bar.


Eixample Barcelona nightlife is a unique one due to the people who visit here. Clubs at Eixample gives you its distinguished facilities, and it is the most elusive.

To get you started, visit Buleshi’s bar. It is an excellent place to start the night before proceeding to the club. While there, be prepared for dangerous drinking promo and a young international party.

The slightly mature gather at CocoVail Beer Hall. The hall is an American-style boozer where about 20 to 30 people share a communal table and order single or dozens of the twenty-four craft beers on tap.

Another one is Slow Barcelona, which has a charming club upstairs. It is known for best gin, vodka tonics, and live gigs during weekends. In this part of town, it is good to dress a little fancier.

Around the Arc De Triomf area, which is a few blocks from Parc de la Ciutadella, there are a few hotspots that are opening up, and these will make this area a social dead zone. Club Firebug has excellent food and is an example of a serene and quiet place to hang out at night.

Casanova Street is dubbed as Gayxample, where there are trendy bars, saunas, restaurants with odd disco such as Arena or Metro and is known for Barcelona gay nightlife.

Gothic Quarter

At the Gothic Quarter, you will find quite several unknown sassy little spots in dark corners. The stylish Milk Bar is one of those hidden spots and is known for the excellent cocktail menu.

Plaza Real, also known as Royal Square, is an excellent place to visit and has famous clubs such as Tarantos, Sidecar, and Jamboree. Tarantos is renowned for hosting the highly rated Tapas and Flamenco Night.

Best Bars And Clubs In Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its fantastic nightlife. There is variety in clubs and bars ranging from small traditional bars to different upmarket amazing clubs. Entrance to Barcelona nightlife clubs is not free, although you can gain free entry by signing up for their exclusive guest lists that are open for everyone.

Bling Bling Barcelona

It is the most luxurious, high profile and elusive club with a chic and sleek interior in uptown Barcelona. If you are looking for elegance, VIP table bookings, laser shows, and best music selection where you can dress in your newly bought shirt or put on a cocktail dress, then Bling Bling is your place.

It is the exclusive place and one of the best clubs in Barcelona where the wealthy young professionals go for partying.

Pacha Barcelona

Pacha is famous for its elegance, exclusivity, and good vibes that create an undreamed-of atmosphere. It has three areas where guests come to the party.

best area to stay in barcelona for nightlife

Fuente: Facebook – Pacha Barcelona

Pacha’s atmosphere attracts a variety of people that comes to listen to the different kinds of music.

Opium Barcelona

The club is an ideal combination of bar, restaurant, and a night club. It is known for the best house in R&B music while watching the beautiful dancers on the stage. For the VIP area, Friday nights are a night you expect to dress to impress.

Razzmatazz Barcelona

It is one of the super clubs. It contains five spaces, and all have numerous bars and dance floors. The music is modern and covering everything from disco to pop to dip to electro.

It is a favorite for young hipsters looking for a big night out. It also shares a good number of tourists.

Dress Code, How To Get Dressed To Enjoy The Party

Barcelona is a pretty calm and relaxed city, both as to how people dress and attitude. For most bars and clubs, you don’t need to be pleasing and graceful in appearance or style to get in.

An important thing to note is that Barcelona is a notorious hipster city, particularly if you are planning to visit downtown. The only exception is the upmarket beachfront clubs and other upscale places such as Bling Bling and Sutton. Here you are expected to wear impressive kind of stuff like dress shoes and collared shirts for guys and chic dresses for girls. Girls who visit here wear heels at the clubs, something usually uncommon for Barcelona.

Just do a quick research of where you want to visit before you get prepared for the night. If you plan to hope around Gracia or Raval fishing to places like Razzmatazz and Apolo, then band t-shirts and beat-up sneakers will fit right in.

However, in venues around Port Olimpic strip, you will be required to wear pieces of stuff that are fancy to adhere to their dress code. But of course, if you are traveling as a group, it is better to be a smartly dressed big and loud group than a scruffy one.

Day By Day, Best Parties In Barcelona

There is something for every partier in Barcelona, from glossy beachfront clubs to grimy dive bars and everything in between the two. If you enjoy a wild party experience, a crowded, sweaty night, performance by world-class DJ, live music, or dancing under open air and stars, Barcelona has it all.


Nasty Monday’s Sala Apolo. If you want to have your mind blown by the energy and love of life on a Monday in Barcelona, visit Sala Apolo. It hosts one of the best night parties in the city on Monday nights.

barcelona nightlife tips

                                     Fuente: Facebook – Nasty Mondays Barcelona

Although Sala Apolo is best known to have great Barcelona nightlife Monday nights, it is also a place you can go any day of the week for rock n roll from the ’50s to the 90’s grunge, and all this mixed with recent indie and electro-rock hits.


Savage in Shoko. Savage Tuesdays at Shoko Barcelona are dinner Erasmus and crazy party, the best for the international atmosphere. If you want to spend all night long dancing R&B and hip-pop Savage at Shoko, Barcelona is the best club to be.

Their dress code policy is not very strict, and you can go smartly dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Tuesday nights bring official Erasmus and party at Shoko’s together with the two DJs pumping out great music to have your groove started.


House Sounds in Eclipse W Hotel. On Wednesdays, Eclipse bar is where you can enjoy the best cocktails while dancing to the killer house music.

The dance floor places the best house music so you won’t want to stop dancing all night through. The energy at Eclipse bar is always amplified and the hottest addition to Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife.


Obsession in Bling Bling Barcelona. Thursdays in Bling Bling is the benchmark party of Barcelona. The obsession party offers the best music -reggaeton and house commercial and shows.

Besides, there are two rooms to enjoy the night to the fullest. Bling Bling is the most luxurious club in uptown Barcelona with the best music selection. It is advisable to book a table by signing up the guest list to get inside for free before 2 am.


Addicted to Opium Barcelona. Every Friday in Opium Barcelona is addicted to Danny Cardenas and Alemany music. Opium is the trendiest club that attracts the most elite and elegant for Friday night partying.

barcelona nightlife dress code

                                      Fuente: Facebook – Opium Barcelona

Usually, advanced tickets are available, and you are encouraged to join their guest list to get inside for free before 2 am. The club has several captivated world-class artists. There is live R&B, commercial house, and hip pop music of the moment.


Barcelona has a wide variety of clubs, bars, and discos offering all kinds of music, with a different atmosphere, especially on Saturdays when the city is more crowded.

There are discotheques of all tastes by beach clubs at the highest level. Electronic music dominates Saturday evenings with international DJs parading in the most prestigious clubs.


Gossip room in Pacha, Barcelona. If you are a gossip person, Pacha presents a party for Barcelona nightlife Sunday night. Gossip room is the best place to enjoy your night with the reggaeton, R&B, techno, and pop music.

You can enter for free if you sign up to their guest list to get inside for free before 2 am. You can enjoy to the fullest with your friends while dancing and partying. Gossip room makes you live every Sunday night as extremely as possible.

Prices, How Much Does The Nightlife Cost In Barcelona

To improve the chances of you reaching all the preferred bars and clubs, purchasing a VIP Club Card can be a sage idea. Barcelona nightlife prices differ depending on the place, but at just €27, it can give you VIP access into 14 leading clubs.

In an average bar, the price of a bottle of beer will cost you not more than €3, while club entry charges range between €10 and €20 and usually includes a free drink. Don’t throw that ticket after the bouncer tears it to two. The other half can get you a tonic or a gin.

Once you get into the club, expect to shell out between €5 and €10 for a beer, and more than €10 for a cocktail or mixed drink.

Tips To Enjoy The Nightlife

Nightlife in Barcelona starts late, bars get busy from midnight and close around 3 am. Clubs are never active until bars shut but remain open until 6 am. So, you might need to have a nap before going out.

Different transport options are available to get you to and from your nightlife: the night bus, taxi, bus, and the metro. During the week, the Metro buses run until midnight, on Fridays until 2 am and all night on Saturdays. Taxis are available and generally not expensive.

Something else that might surprise you in Barcelona’s nightlife is the number of guys on the street offering illegal beer. Regardless of it being illegal, they do business anyway. For free entrance to clubs, sign up on their guest list, which will save you the entrance fee.

Barcelona is a safe city, although there are a lot of pickpockets and drunken tourists become a straightforward target for them. When you are out there, pay attention to your stuff.

For epic Barcelona nightlife tours, remember there is a Barcelona nightlife dress code, there are all types of clubs, music, and concerts (do your search and chose your favorite). Barcelona is a top destination for travelers looking for a good time in cool nightclubs and is known as ‘the city that naps in the afternoon and then parties till sunrise.’