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Beach bars on the coast of Barcelona: the definitive guide


Eating right at the side of the beach is a luxury that very few cities grant us. If we want to enjoy this unique experience, though, all that you need to do is to head down to the city of Barcelona: the perfect plan for an effortless night out.

On the coast of Barcelona, you will be able to find an extensive range of bars for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – as well as bars that encourage you to dance barefoot on the sand.

These are the bars considered to be the best:

Ideal beach bars for breakfast or lunch

If you want to eat breakfast or lunch on the beach, these are the best options:

Vai Moana: This beach bar is one of Barcelona’s most popular, not least because its decor is inspired by Easter Island, a heavenly place. Guests can enjoy an exquisite meal, wonderful cocktails of the like that you have never tried before, and great views that will capture your attention; it is impossible not to want to swim in the sea after watching it from this bar.

Salt Beach Club: Impossibly delicious cocktails, giant and gourmet hamburgers, dishes featuring authentic Iberian pork, Smoothies … these are just some of the offerings of the Salt Beach Club menu, considered one of the best beach bars in the whole of Barcelona . A good choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Barracuda: Although it is true that this is not a beach bar as such, the fact that it is at the foot of the beach makes some people consider it as if it were. In his menu, you can see that the bar’s renowned chef Xavier Pellicer places particular emphasis on fish, rice and eco friendly foods.

Nightclubs on the beach where you can dance on the sand

Kuai: Kuai is the perfect beach bar for tapas dinners with atmosphere. However, it is usually quite full, so we recommend not to arrive too late. It is a good option if you want to follow dinner with a view with some dancing for an extra special day. The dish par excellence is tasty skewers.

El Maravilas: A popular bike path leads off from the Plaza de España; follow it to the end and you will be richly rewarded in the form of the snack bar called “El maravillas”. This is the ideal to enjoy what is probably the best Russian salad in the world. You can in the morning or at night, but the latter is the best option since there is live music until 3 in the morning.

Donzella Beach Club: We conclude with this beach bar that specialises in tapas sold at staggeringly low prices. At noon, guests can enjoy paellas, and at night the main dishes include squid and eggs.

As you are on the beach, you are in the perfect spot for a dance when dinner is finished.

The best food and party is to be found in Barcelona’s beach bars.