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Best Gay Clubs & Bars in Barcelona

gay club barcelona

Barcelona’s nightlife is thriving, vibrant, and welcoming to young people who are both trendy and stylish.

The city never sleeps and boasts one of the largest gay and lesbian congregations in the Mediterranean.

The most outstanding example is the “Gayxample” neighbourhood which boasts lots of cool places to grab a beer and a cocktail as you dance the night away.

Stay with us in Lista Discoteca and discover the best gay-friendly spots in Barcelona!

Gay Clubbing in Barcelona, the best ones!

You do not have to venture into the “Gayxample”, the gay neighbourhood Barcelona to find a trendy and lively gay and lesbian hangout.

The best spots are evenly scattered around the city; one has to know where to look for them.

Many of the clubs cater primarily to the gay community (men), although there are plenty of lesbian bar Barcelona spots. None of the hangouts will turn you away based on your orientation.

Some of the best clubs include Dboy Barcelona gay club, Arena, Butch Bar, Sweet Café, Canfly, Dietrich, and G-Café.

Arena Gay Club

Considered one of Barcelona’s best gay and lesbian nightlife spots, Arena is one of the best gay club in Barcelona and it boast several locations around the city.

The music and vibe to expect depending on the specific Arena club you visit. The liveliest and most significant of the chain is Arena Madre on Balmes Street. Arena Classic, located on Diputacio Street considered more low-key but is open until 5 am daily.

If you prefer music from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, then Arena Dandy, located on Gran Via, is the spot for you.

📌 Carrer de Balmes, 32

Night Barcelona

A trendy and modern gay bar, Night Barcelona offers a good selection of music and beers, including the Moritz, a locally brewed lager.

The crowd is mixed and friendly, and the bar staff speaks good English. In America, the Night Barcelona spot would be considered a leather bar and features no standard dress.

📌 Carrer de la Diputació, 161

Metro Disco BCN

The Metro Disco BCN is one of the best gay clubs in Barcelona.

Having been around for more than 30 years, Metro BCN is a large dark room that presents a morbid yet enthralling atmosphere.

It caters to men mostly between 20 and 50 years old and is considered to be highly accommodating to the gay community. All members of the LGBT community can find a spot here, including men, boys, transvestites, transformers, and bisexuals.

📌 Carrer de Sepúlveda, 185

El Cangrejo “The Crab”

This is considered a gem for lovers of the top 40 hits and songs from the ’80s.

It caters to a clientele ranging from drag queens to transvestites. All sexual orientations are welcome at the bar. It promises a vibrant and exciting night out in Barcelona’s lively neighbourhood on the Raval’s edge.

Friday nights feature individual drag queens performances bound to keep you entertained.

📌 Carrer de Montserrat, 9
barcelona gay club guide

LGBT Bars in Barcelona

A thriving LGBT community is found in Barcelona, with accompanying gay and lesbian nightlife locations.


A mixed gay/straight bar located in the Raval district, it offers coffee, cocktails, homemade food, and kinds of pasta.

📌 Carrer del Carme, 116

Punto BCN

This is a pioneer of the gay scene in Barcelona, and the Arena Group owns it. The crowd is slightly older than the one in the Arena clubs, offering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Prices are pocket-friendly and hip for the LGBT Barcelona crowd.

📌 Carrer de Muntaner, 65

La Federica

Located in the Poble-Sec environment, this gay bar offers a gin-tonics, excellent wines, cocktails, and thematic weekend parties combined with artistic exhibitions.

📌 Carrer de Salvà, 3


A large, trendy gay bar in Barcelona, the Atame is a chilled out bar offering delicious mimosas at reasonable prices. The waiters speak good English, and the atmosphere is entertaining.

📌 Carrer del Consell de Cent, 257

La Casa de la Pradera

This is a friendly gay bar that is considered a local hotspot. It offers a relaxed, fun atmosphere with a diverse clientele. Free tapas come with every drink.

📌 Carrer de les Carretes, 57

Botanic Bar Café

It is considered relatively new to the Gayxample Barcelona district. Botanic features traditional Spanish interior decoration with a garden terrace at the back. Homemade food is served in the evenings.

📌 Carrer de Muntaner, 64

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