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Best party neighborhood in Barcelona

Best party neighborhood in Barcelona

You do not have to make much effort to enjoy your time in Barcelona. If nothing else, it has a vibrant energy that just makes visitors want to have fun. There are also countless amazing sights to see in this city and nightlife spots to check out – from bars to clubs, and concerts, it doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking for the best party neighborhood in Barcelona, the following is a list of some of the best.

Vila Olímpica

Due to its proximity to the beach, Vila Olímpica has become a favourite for tourists looking to party. By day its facilities are used by cyclists, runners, and other people indulging in sports. This does not prevent or take away any fun that comes alive at night. The transformation allows thousands of people, mostly tourists, to enjoy the best parties in the area next to the beach.

OPIUM and Pacha, for example, are in there and, if you want to get into without pay anything, it will be possible! You just have to sign up in our guest list Pacha or our guest list in OPIUM. But, don’t forget it, you and your friends should arrive before 2 AM!

Each of the partying spots on the promenade seeks to satisfy the expectations of a very demanding public, and so the best DJs and international artists regularly perform here.

El Born Barrio

El Born Barrio is another great party zone. Recognised all over the world for its tourist attractions, it is also one of the most beautiful areas in Barcelona. Its bars are frequented by locals, as well as tourists who want to experience the more beautifully contemporary areas of the city. Here you can go out and relax one of the classic bars.

That said, greater preparation is required when going out for the night, although the general dress code is rather informal, but elegant.

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter is very close to El Born. It is another ideal place to party while in Barcelona. Known for its beautiful aesthetics and architecture, this neighbourhood also offers a variety of places for party animals. You can, for example, start dinner at 9 o’clock in the evening, at one of the Catalan, Spanish or international restaurants. If you want tapas, then Gothic Quarter also offers a wide variety of popular places that provide them.

At about 11 you can start with the drinks. There is a varied selection of bars ranging from the classic Spanish ones to Irish pubs. However, many are only usually open until 3 am.

El Raval

El Raval is another of the more elegant sections of Barcelona, and one of the most picturesque. It is among most international and eclectic neighbourhoods in the city. This is what really makes it so unique. It is dotted with many trendy places to eat and drink.

El Raval is also known as Chinatown, and is the ideal place to spend the day revelling in the different cultures, and enjoy drinks at fairly good prices. If you love a match full of contrasts, mixes and surprises, do not hesitate to include this area in your itinerary.

Barrio de Gracia

In the Gràcia neighbourhood, visitors get to experience a more bohemian atmosphere. It also has a huge student population who live among the locals. Known for being extremely cosmopolitan and bohemian, it is definitely a great place if you wish to experience diverse, exotic cultures and lose yourself in its vibrant nightlife.

There are many local bars that offer craft beers, and you can eat some croquettes, a savoury delicacy that is popular in the city. There are also night spots that specialise in cocktails, and others where you can exclusively enjoy jazz.

Zona Alta

If you seek idyllic surroundings while visiting Barcelona, Zona Alta is an oasis away from the hustle and bustle, and tourists. It is considered by many as the most sophisticated area in the city. Prices in this area are not for all budgets, but it will be worth checking out at least once for its great atmosphere and amazing parties. The area includes some disco as  Sutton or BLING BLING and, if you would save some money, you can sign up in our guest list in BLING BLING and arrive before 2 AM.

All party spots in Barcelona offer a unique experience, and as a general rule, it is worth researching beforehand about prerequisite aspects such as the age limits, hairstyles and dress code in some of the major clubs. So, you know now which are the best party neighborhood in Barcelona so, you just have to choose which one would you visit!