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Best Restaurants in Las Ramblas Barcelona

Las Ramblas is a famous tourist attraction center in Barcelona with a lot of charming places where you can find a range of delicious Spanish cuisines.

Don’t just be lured into any eatery, instead check out the following masterpieces of the best restaurants in Las Ramblas Barcelona restaurants with fresh produce and seafood, which will leave any foodie hunger for more.

Best Tapas Restaurants in Las Ramblas Barcelona

Tapas are Spain’s signature snacks and appetizers and are eaten during the day or even at night. They may be served hot or cold from a simple range of olives or wedge of cheese.

Below are some of the best restaurants in Las Ramblas Barcelona that you should visit.

Casa Lola

Located at the Santisimo Cristo, Casa Lola has an exquisite view of the mountains to the sea and is family-friendly with a lot of activities for everyone to enjoy. It has a building of a vast game, well equipped with children-friendly activities, an art corner, and toys.

casa lola

There is a spacious kitchen for clients and a friendly catering service where you can have a local chef cook for you. Ensure that you try out the best paella in Barcelona made from great products with great love.

📌 Rambla de Catalunya, 70

📌 La Rambla, 12

📌 Via laietana, 42

💰 20€

Luzia Restaurant

Luzia Restaurant is one of the best restaurants near Las Ramblas Barcelona for dinner. It offers an extensive menu for everyone, from delicious local tapas to sandwiches, salads, and pizzas.

best tapas restaurants in las ramblas barcelona

It is a perfect spot for you and your loved one to have some memorable cocktails and drinks like the mojitos and the fruity concoctions as you enjoy the nightlife scenes. For the main course, you can order for pasta, especially gratin with cream sauce or a slice of pizza made in a wooden-fire oven, among other individual dishes.

📌 Pintor Fortuny, 1

💰 20-30€

Viana Restaurant

The Viana Restaurant has a mix of international cultural cuisines with a blend of Spanish influences, located in a beautiful gothic quarter. You get served with the best tapas in Barcelona, such as the dark blackberry mojito, the white fish ceviche, carnaroli rice with mushrooms, tuna marinated in soy, octopus, seaweed foam, and prawns.

best local restaurants in barcelona

Other finger-licking dishes include the hake with orange sauce and Spanish, cassava chips, chicken, and cinnamon puree. The food is served in significant portions and is reasonably priced with excellent service, giving you all the reasons to visit the restaurant while in the city.

📌 Vidre, 7

💰 25€


If you are looking for an excellent place to eat in town, give Amaya a try. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona since its establishment in 1941 but still considered best in Las Ramblas. It is known for its finest traditions of Basque cooking and using fresh produce to prepare meals such as chicken paella and salmon, thus attracting many clients.

best paella in barcelona

The restaurant offers a pleasant dining setup; you can eat from the outside, but inside is perfect as well. Their extensive menu also has an array of drinks, main course meals like the risotto and tasty deserts.

📌 La Rambla, 20

💰 35€

Other Great Local Restaurants near Las Ramblas

Las Rambla is an ideal culinary destination in a wine rich country that blends the freshness of Northwest with exciting cuisines offered in different restaurants. Below are other restaurants in Barcelona that are worth visiting.

Dos Palillos

The restaurant represents a fusion between Asian and Spanish tapas at a high level of innovation whereby the chefs perform live cooking.

tapas in barcelona

Dos palillos has two rooms with a u-shaped bar around the kitchen area where you have a view of your meal being prepared in comfy c-shaped chairs. You get to enjoy delicious meals such as Japanese burgers, steamed prawns, pork and seafood.

📌 Elisabets, 9

💰 40-50€

El Quim de la Boquería

El Quim de la Boquería is famous for a selection of top-quality local fresh fruit, seafood, and fantastic ham. You can have breakfast or lunch of the best ingredients in Catalan dishes and tapas of lobsters and wriggling eels.

el quim de la boqueria

It also has a taste of traditional dishes of fried eggs with squid or escalivada. Special meals are also prepared using seasonal food like wild mushrooms and artichoke chips.

📌 Rambles, 91

💰 65€

Las Ramblas restaurants have something for everyone at pocket-friendly prices, whether you are looking for traditional meals, seafood, and a mixture of culture or a romantic dining spot. There is no doubt that it is an obligatory visit while in Barcelona and you will want to visit these top eateries again and again.