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Best spanish restaurants in Barcelona

spanish restaurant barcelona

Barcelona is a culinary delight with little gems scattered throughout the city. If you’re new to the city or just want to try something new, it pays to discover these hidden places. If you’re looking for the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona, you’re in for a treat since this is the authentic Catalan cuisine of the city and there are master chefs throughout the city that will turn you into a Spanish food convert in no time at all.

There are so many great Spanish restaurants in the city of Barcelona that it’s hard to whittle down the list of the best. The following establishments however, consistently receive top reviews and serve some of the best food in the entire city.

Bar el Tomas de Sarria

Located in the heart of the popular Sarria neighbourhood, this bright restaurant is flooded with natural light and the white linens provide the ideal backdrop for the iconic Spanish dishes served here. The bar spans the length of the restaurant and Old World wines and a selection of traditional tapas take centre stage on the menu.

Opium Restaurant

Part restaurant, part lounge, part nightclub, this place is hopping at all hours. If you’re interested in a meal before a night of drinking and dancing, this one stop shop has a menu made up of delicious local seafood. Relax on the terrace amid the Mediterranean decor.


Gorria is a showcase of warm woods, white linens and sparkling crystal glassware. Bottles of wine are displayed along the walls and atmosphere is cosy and welcoming. The kitchen turns out classic Spanish dishes with an emphasis on seafood like lobster and spider crab, alongside classics like lamb chops and smoked salmon.

Sergi de Meia

Minimalism at its finest, Sergi de Meia is definitely one of the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona. Clean white walls and simple decor sets that stage for traditional Catalan cuisine that includes fresh produce, locally caught seafood, and a thoughtful tasting menu that makes this a must of your Barcelona dining bucket list.

Sants Vermuts

A quiet intimate atmosphere with low lighting and simple decor makes this the ideal place for a cosy meal. Traditional Spanish meals star on the menu, with a delicious selection of drinks to pair with each item. For a truly Spanish feeling experience, this is the place to go. For dinner with a date or with a crowd, you’ll be well taken care of here by the attentive and friendly staff.


Found in the Horta neighbourhood, Gaig is dedicated to serving traditional Spanish meals in a clean and modern dining room. Every meal, including the desserts, is carefully crafted to provide an authentic dish that makes delicious use of fresh produce, seafood, and meats. The dining room is welcoming and warm, and the long line of family chefs ensure that you’ll enjoy fresh Spanish food anytime you visit.

El Celler de Sarria

This family run restaurant is staffed by the owners, so you know that thoughtfulness prevails. The patio, shaded by leafy trees, provides a comfortable place to enjoy a truly authentic Spanish meal. Inside is a warm dining room that provides a welcoming place to enjoy lunch or dinner. The menu is a delightful combination of fresh meats and produce rounded out with freshly prepared drinks and decadent desserts.