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Best summer parties in Barcelona

summer party barcelona

Are you a party animal looking for some exciting events to enjoy during your holidays? Then one of your best options at the moment is to head out to Spain, since it’s an increasingly popular destination for party people from all over the world. We have written this article to bring your attention to some of the best summer parties in Barcelona, and there is something here for everyone!

No matter if you prefer spending your holidays at music festivals or if you are a dedicated night clubber, or even if you’re the kind of person who liked to blend in and experience a local neighborhood party, these are the best summer parties in Barcelona! Read on and start dreaming of your perfect holiday escape where you can fully unleash your true party self.

Party in the neighborhood

Spanish people are well known for they love of popular parties, and if you’re the kind of traveler who likes to experience a local culture directly, seeking these events might be your best option. There are all types of street parties taking place all around Barcelona, throughout the summer seasons!

From traditional street parades in homage of religious saints to folkloric events aimed at traditional minded people, to more cutting edge events organized by the local youth, ranging from local bands to full blown electronic music parades… party in the neighborhood is a fundamental part of the Spanish way of life, and you will find lots of events by simply walking around Barcelona casually.

You will find it hard to keep a straight face when you see everyone just relaxing and having fun in the streets! And you’ll likely be impressed with the famous Spanish hospitality, where everyone in the party will be welcome to join the fun and have a great time.

Go to a music festival

If you would rather enjoy listening to live music and get a chance to experience dozens of bands performing live, then your best option is to look for the available music festivals when you visit Barcelona. From modern urban festivals to huge gatherings where people go camp in the countryside, there are many options available!

This city is well known for its wide scale musical events, which can range anywhere from modest gatherings of local bands to massively large festivals featuring world class artists. One of the best things about music festivals – asides from the unique environment and non-stop party mood – is how you will often be able to watch big bangs perform in the same event at a fraction of how it would cost to see those bands perform separately.

Music festivals are also a great way to listen to new bands, as well as a perfect setting to make new friends and meet all kinds of interesting people. Everyone who goes to a music festival will share a similar spirit of music loving and playful relaxation, so these events are a great opportunity to really go all out with your partying.

Go out in club with rooftop

For anyone who wants to keep their party time intense and short, night clubbing is an obvious option… and Barcelona is simply one of the cities in the world with the largest diversity of night clubs available, including some legendary houses like the Razzmatazz and Opium club, with their impressive lineups and non-stop exciting events.

Exploring the Barcelona nightclub scene would keep you entertained for a long time… in fact, it would take years before you could truly see everything this colorful city has to offer. There are all kinds of clubs here, from the loudest electronic hell-holes to the most refined avant-garde intellectual venues. If you’re visiting in the summer, you really should seek out clubs with rooftops to enjoy some glorious nights that will stay in your memories forever.

Barcelona people really like partying and showing off, and it really comes across in how the local clubs are managed and decorated. Everyone you come across seems so vibrant and happy, and the general feeling is very colorful and relaxed. Come here this year and you will understand why the best summer parties always take place in Barcelona!