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The biggest nightclubs in the world


If you’re reading this it’s probably because you enjoy parties in a big way. In some parts of the world this can be literally in a big way and in at Lista Discoteca, knowing how much you like to have fun, we’ve prepared a list of the biggest nightclubs in the world. You’re gonna flip out!

The 5 largest nightclubs in the world

Pacha Ibiza (Spain)

Pacha ibiza clubPacha opened in 1973 and since then has expanded in concept and size.
Pacha Ibiza has attracted the greatest musicians, to enjoy an after-party or as guest DJs. Tiesto, Eric Morillo or David Guetta are just some of the DJs who’ve gone there to lend their personal touch to the Ibiza summer nights.

Its capacity of 3000 also makes Pacha Ibiza one of the largest clubs in the world. At Pacha you and your friends are going to enjoy a great place just a step away from home!

Green Valley (Brasil)

green valley brazil clubIf crowds are your thing, this disco is for you. It has an impressive stage with a wide open area but also has five more rooms, so it’s impossible to get bored or be alone. Meeting someone has never been easier!

One room is the Super VIP room, a space reserved for those who want to enjoy the party in style. It’s currently ranked as the largest disco in the world with a capacity of 8000, but it’s also a space where the most renowned artists of the country congregate, making it an opportunity to rub shoulders with the cream of Brazil.

Fabric (United Kingdom)

fabric uk clubThis mega-disco located in London has been on the select list of the largest clubs in the world for three years. Being there is like attending a massive concert every night, not only because of the quality of the DJs such as Carl Cox and Terry Francis, but also because the light-shows and the space in three different environments make this one of the most attractive venues both to locals and to tourists.

We’ve got an interesting fact about Fabric besides its size: the dance floor contains 400 transducers that transmit the bass sounds of the music as it plays. This causes the floor to vibrate. Somewhere between 1800 and 2000 people visit the club most nights, so if you prefer something more discreet you should cross it off your list.

Amnesia (Spain)

amnesia spain clubAmnesia is one of the icons of Ibiza clubland. Not for nothing was it named three times as the best club in the world and no wonder as it’s hosted incredible parties with world famous DJ’s.
Although it’s a place of pilgrimage during the Ibiza summer, you can go at any time of the year as they never close.

Their foam parties are legendary, but Pop Star, Cocoon and Matineé are also very popular. For true clubbers, Amnesia is a place where you have to go at least once in your life.

Octagon (South Korea)

octagon south korea clubBut not everything stays in Europe. Octagon has a capacity of 3,000 and owes its name to the octagonal figures illuminated on its ceiling. However, its fame comes from the incredible parties that take place there, such as the Touch Me Party, where you can put a sticker on your body that says “Touch me now”.

This tells the rest of the crowd where on your body you want to be touched. An idea that has been so successful it’s been replicated in many other parts of the world.

So, you know now which are the biggest nightclubs in the world, but are you ready to visit all of them?