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Clothes to go out with in summer

Clothes to go out with in summer

Summer is here and once again it is time to go out and spend the warm summer evenings and nights going out with friends. The social calendar is filled to the brim with parties, disco evenings and various other fun things to do. The first thing on everyone’s mind is “Do I have the right clothes to go out with in summer?”

Nobody wants to be seen in last summer’s clothes and every girl plans her wardrobe to get the maximum attention. The men are not to be left behind and they also queue to the shops to get the right outfits. The evenings are well planned and are filled with different activities which makes it necessary to have various outfits for every occasion. Going out in summer varies from casual activities like having a drink at a beachfront bar to dancing the night away in a glamorous club. Many cities and resort areas are filled with visitors from other areas who came to enjoy the summer festivities.

Clothes to go out with in summer for men

Summer is another kettle of fish for men compared to winter when they just dress in layers of clothing and you will still look fine. Summer and men’s fashion is not always very easy to marry. This is the time that men want to spend in minimal clothing to beat the heat. For many of us, summer clothes remind us of the typical prep look with Topsiders on your feet, shorts and a polo shirt. They ensure comfort but this summer the look can be between athletic and classy. Step up to the plate and make it happen.

Great wear this summer is chino shorts in Khaki as the neutral option and black and blue which will ensure that you add style to your cupboard. The shirts can vary from stylish T-shirts which can be striped and light. Stay away from graphics, flowers and heavy slogans. The more stylish shirts offer you three options polo’s, short and long sleeve button up shirts.

You can wear them with your chino’s shorts or chino pants and keep them light and in plain colours. Buy your long sleeve shirts in a materials like lightweight linens.

Pants can be chinos, denim or black jeans or other material which will keep you cool. Don’t just wear khaki but olive, grey and blue will look good this summer. Boat shoes and vans will look great with everything but when going more formal ensure that the shoes compliment your outfit.

Clothes to go out with in summer for women

Summer offers a new opportunity to get out of bulky, warm and uncomfortable clothes into light, breezy cotton and enjoy life to the fullest. The best advice is to keep it light and simple. Aesthetics must be kept in mind when planning your wardrobe. Clothes for summer should contain some of the elements mentioned in the paragraphs below. Buy dresses with a floral design for daywear and pastel colours will ensure that you are fashionable. For the bolder dresser, the Crayola colours can be recommended.

Shorts are in and denims won’t let you down but place the emphasis on style. You can wear sandals or flip-flops with them. Palazzo pants will always be a favourite with its comfortable cut. Wear your shorts and denims with confidence in a style that will complement your body shape. Your heels, paired with denim will ensure elegance and style.

Tank tops, crop tops and elegant T-shirts in pastels, florals and plain white will ensure that you are in fashion and well-dressed this summer. A black cocktail dress will never let you down and is essential wear with elegant high heels to most clubs. No outfit will be complete without the perfect hairstyle, a pair of earrings and bag to complement your summer look. This is, in a nutshell, some pointers on what clothes to wear this summer.