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Clubs in Barcelona on Sunday

clubs barcelona sunday

It’s quite common that nightclubs are closed on Sundayand this can interfere with even the best laid plans of a good night out. Barcelona is a hot spot for clubbing and if that’s why you’re in town, it’s never a bad idea to make sure your chosen club is going to be open. Fortunately, there are some excellent choices when it comes to clubs in Barcelona on Sunday, both early and late.

Barcelona is the city that never sleeps so you can always find a great club to visit. Some of them are better than others and it makes sense to map out your destinations so that you don’t come up on a club that’s closed, but that ensures you still get into the best ones on Sunday. The following are some of your best options for great music, delicious drinks, and a memorable night out in Barcelona.


This club also has a bar and restaurant so it’s a prime place to spend a Sunday. Start out with a meal and drinks and then move onto the club for a night of dancing. The place features a set of resident DJs with some big names coming through from time to time. Bright lights, private VIP rooms, and an authentic disco experience are here for the taking. As one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona, no clubbing bucket list is complete without a visit to OPIUM.


A Canibal sound system makes this a venue that’s not be missed any day of the week, including Sunday. Daily concerts ensure that there’s always music to dance to and the bright lights and large dance floor make for a party atmosphere. Delicious drinks are also available, making this a sure-fire place to enjoy a night of clubbing. Whether you’re out with just a few friends or big crowd, there’s something to delight everyone at Apolo.


Pacha is a premier disco club that is littered with plush white couches, has beautiful lighting, and a well-stocked bar that lines the dance floor. You’ll find a diverse selection of music that changes daily with some of the greatest acts headlining on Sundays. The club also boasts a restaurant if you want to enjoy a meal to start of your night of dancing. You’ll enjoy the beachside setting, whether you’re dining or clubbing. The VIP room requires tickets and gives you a prime view of the dance floor.


This large and entertaining club welcomes you right in with a brightly lit entrance and great music. A variety of live music makes the place an ever-changing selection of dancing tunes and DJs add to the allure with popping beats all night long. Bright lights and an engaging stage turn this club into a premier place to spend the night dancing and drinking. There’s always something new going on so be sure to come back often.


Named after a popular brand of synthesizer, Moog is a hip Sunday night club that showcases a well-rounded selection of music, all of which is played from the booth overlooking the club’s dance floor, which is lit up by lights and sound. The line here tends to get long so arrive early for the best chance of getting in. Of course, there are plenty of fresh drinks to go around too.