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Clubs with terrace in Barcelona

clubs terrace barcelona

There is much to see and do in Barcelona, especially if you enjoy clubbing and night life! However, if you visit Barcelona in the Summer you will likly want to spend most of your time exploring in the unique urban style of this colorful city rather than being stuck indoors. To that effect, one of your best options is to seek out some clubs with terrace in Barcelona!

Finding a nice club with terrace will provide you with the perfect middle ground to get the full club experience without any need to be stuck in a dark hole. Here are our favorite picks:


It’s hard to miss the super popular Opium club, since it’s located right in the middle of the “Paseo Marítimo” (seaside walk) and features a strikingly big terrace which might just be the largest of its kind. This is also a highly respectable and influential club that is routinely visited by all kinds of celebrities, so the general tone is lively but fashionable. Make sure to pay attention to the dress code, since you’ll be expected to dress up to the occasion properly… regardless, you are allowed and expected to get creative and express you uniqueness as well – making this a great place to see lovely people.

La Terrrazza

This open air club features a comparatively quiet location in the historic area of Barcelona, along the Montjuic mountain. One of the most striking aspects about La Terraza is the intense creativity expressed in their decoration, which is guaranteed to please even the most demanding clients. This club focuses essentially in electronic parties – with Techno and House as the main styles, and while its location is absolutely gorgeous there are some sound restrictions in place that make this a better choice for early celebrations. If you want to listen to some electronic music and enjoy the most popular clubs in Barcelona, this is simply a place you have to visit.


Here’s a great option for those who want to try one of the legendary beach clubs in Barcelona; CDLC is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of uniqueness, style and luxury available in the area. When you want to visit a club that will impress you, surprise you and excite you all at once, you will appreciate the diverse musical and cultural offering available at CDLC. This is a very popular haven for celebrities and VIPs from all walks of life, so you will likely come across all kinds of colorful characters while enjoying the great music and unique ambience available in this open air club with many areas to explore.


This is simply one of the largest and most popular and iconic clubs in Barcelona, featuring everything from concert halls to colorful dance floors… and also a well-known open air terrace where many visitors like to spend time relaxing and having a smoke in a quieter area. While this terrace does not offer too much in terms of music or dancing (for that you can explore the remainder of the club)… its location and happy crowds make for an enjoyable place where you can sit peacefully for a little while, just absorbing the amazing Barcelona club scene experience while looking at the night sky.

There are actually many more clubs with terrace in Barcelona, but in our opinion these are the ones you absolutely should experience first-hand. All of these places are absolutely memorable, since they make you feel like you’re really being a part of the local scene.