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Cocktails with rum and lime

Cocktails with rum and lime

There is nothing like a good old rum cocktail to bring back those holiday memories of sand, sunshine and good times. This might be the reason that rum has endured in popularity throughout the years and also why the Carribean spirit has inspired so many cocktail recipes. There are cocktails with rum and lime there for everybody, to suit every taste and every season but it could be argued that perhaps the best recipes are cocktails with rum and lime. Indeed, the sharpness of lime brings out the best in rum and adds to that holiday feel. Here is our list of the best rum and lime cocktails.


Mojitos are one of the most popular cocktails throughout the world, it’s a classic that remains as good today as the day it was invented. Consisting of white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint, the drink is very difficult to get wrong and so many drinkers enjoy it in the comfort of their own homes. It is believed that the drink originated in Cuba and that its origins lie in a time when rum on the island tasted bad thanks to its strength and infusion with fusel oils. Locals, in an attempt to make the drink more palatable discovered a tasty way to mix rum that was made popular during the time of prohibition where many residents of the United States visited Cuba to buy alcohol.

Mai Thai

The Mai Thai is a more complex drink with some interesting ingredients including the standard mixture of white and dark rum along with lime as well as the rarer ingredients of orange curacao and orgeat. This delicious drink is usually served on the rocks and garnished with pineapple spears, mint leaves or lime shells. It is believed that the Mai Thai was invented at Trader Vic’s Restaurant in California, where the owner Victor J. Bergeron created it one day for some visitors from Tahiti. The story goes that on tasting the drink one of the visitors exclaimed, “Maita’i roa ae!” which can be translated from Tahitian as “Very Good!” and that this is where the drink got its name.


Daiquiris are a simple mixture of white rum, lime and sugar although many bars out there delight in playing around with this basic recipe and introducing more complex flavours into the cocktail. There is some confusion as to whether this cocktail should be made with lime or lemon, the original recipe hailing from the 1890’s states lemon but experts believe that there could have been confusion owing to the translation of the Cuban word for lime, which is lìmon. It is widely believed today that this cocktail should be made with rum and lime, not lemon. Today, the classic daiquiri is usually served straight up, without ice in a cocktail glass.


This cocktail is a testament to the success of the Bacardi rum brand. The brand is the most well-known around the world and the name is sometimes used by drinkers to refer to rum in general. The Bacardi cocktail is made from Bacardi rum, lime juice and grenadine and it is usually served straight up in a cocktail glass with a lime garnish. Interestingly, thanks to a ruling by the New York Supreme Court in 1936 this cocktail can only be referred to as a Bacardi if it contains genuine Bacardi rum.

Hemingway Special

The Hemingway Special consists of rum, lime juice, maraschino liqueur, and grapefruit juice and is usually served straight up in a double-cocktail glass. It is thought that the origins of this cocktail come from Ernest Hemingway’s trip to Cuba where he sampled a Floridita Daiquiri. Upon finishing the drink he declared that he liked it but that for his taste it could benefit from double the amount of rum and no sugar, thus creating the Hemingway Daiquiri. At a later stage, grapefruit juice was added to the mix creating the Hemingway Special.


The Caipirissima is a variation of the Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil. The original Caipirinha originated on Brazil farmlands where it was made using cachaca, an alcoholic drink widely available in Brazil at the time. Once this drink became popular and made its way into the cities mixers began to experiment with other alcohol, and this is where the Caipirissima was created, once they tried it with rum. The drink consists of white rum, lime wedges along with lime juice and sugar, and is usually served on the rocks in an old-fashioned cocktail glass. The drink is often garnished with two short straws. Similar to the daiquiri, this is a cocktail that bartenders love to play about with and so you might often see it served with different flavours such as strawberries or honey.