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OPIUM Barcelona Dress Code, What to wear to go

opium barcelona dress code

OPIUM Barcelona is a high-end club that is respected all around Europe. The club serves as a place where lovers of fashion meet, and it expects its visitors to maintain its high standards with a detailed dress code. This means your sense of fashion has to be seen in your outlook.

The club has had to turn down many guests in the past for their poor choice of outfit, so you should pay close attention to what you wear.

There’s no need to worry as in Lista Discoteca we have prepared this guide on the OPIUM Barcelona dress code. The guide covers rules on dressing for both men and women.

Dress Code for Women

There are some things you must know about how to dress for a club like OPIUM Barcelona. Take some notes about the tips described below!

The Clothes

Girls are advised to wear cocktail dresses or skirts that show off their elegant beauty. They should also go for some heels and jewellery.

If you choose to wear a shirt, you must ensure that it has a collar and sleeves.

If you don’t like wearing dresses and skirts, you can also go with some capris, Bermudas, or culottes. With such clothes, you will have to wear a suitable belt.

In the OPIUM nightclub Barcelona dress code, a few things have to be avoided when it comes to the clothes of women.

First, your clothes should not double up as advertisements for brands. For your pants, you should not go for tights, jogging shorts, or jeans. Tank tops and low-cut T-shirts must be avoided too.

Remember to tuck in your shirt before walking into the club. Your belt should be outstanding as that will help you fit in with the hip crowd in the place.

The Shoes

Shoes can be a major part of your outfit, and the bouncers will pay close attention to them.

This means you should carefully consider the shoes you wear, and always ensure that you match them to your clothes properly.

For OPIUM nightclub and its dress code, you must never wear sneakers, sandals, or slippers.

You can wear high heels or golf shoes, depending on the clothes you choose for the day.

The Hair

Many different hairstyles will pass in this club, but you should always ensure that you keep it neat. Most women who frequent the club keep their hair long.

You can consider wearing a weave.

Some women also prefer wearing hats, and this seems to be in line with the dress code for clubbing.

opium bar barcelona dress code

Dress Code for Men

If you are in Barcelona, you might know that the nightlife dress code is important when trying to go to any party.

And there are some rules for men you should adhere to if you want to have fun at OPIUM Barcelona, and one of them is to stick to its dress code.

The Clothes

Men are expected to wear dress shirts and stylish pants. Another alternative would be to go for a suit jacket.

A semi-formal suit is a conservative and safe outfit for the club, so you can go for it if you don’t want to think too much about your outfit.

Also, you should note that a button-up shirt is a safe option for most dress codes. These shirts go with almost all types of clothes and shoes. Finding a shirt with a pattern or colour can add some taste to your outfit.

Short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts are acceptable in the OPIUM Barcelona dress code.

For pants, you can wear trousers or jeans, depending on your mood. If you feel relaxed and want to be a little casual, you can comfortably wear jeans.

Trousers are ideal for more formal situations.

The Shoes

As a man, you should never overlook your footwear when going to a club that is as famous as the OPIUM Club.

The wrong choice of shoes can easily get you turned down at the door.

First, you should never wear sandals or slippers to the club. It is recommended that you go for soft spiked golf shoes.

Oxfords, brogues, and loafers are great options for people who want to play it safe.

Your shoes should be free of spikes.

The Hair

Most men will need a visit to the barber right before they go into OPIUM Barcelona as it’s an important element of its dress code.

Your hair should be kept neat and tidy, but for the specific style, you should be able to choose from a wide range of options.

Remember to also trim your beard before leaving for the club.

summer elegance dress code

The Best Outfit You Can Choose

Although there is a wide range of options to choose from, there is always an ideal outfit you should know about how to dress for a club.

OPIUM Barcelona is quite casual in its dress code, but most people would agree that a formal but stylish look is preferred. The advantage is that this look is easy to pull off, even if you are used to wearing jeans or shorts.

That being said, the specific type of outfit can be changed depending on the season.

Women in Summer

As a woman, you should enjoy wearing shorter skirts and dresses in these warmer seasons. Your top still needs to have a collar, and it must be tucked into your skirt.

Women in Winter

For the colder season, you can wear stylish trousers and long-sleeved shirts. Consider adding some jewellery to compliment the look.

Men in Summer

Men can wear jeans in the warm season, but this can get uncomfortable if you usually get sweaty in clubs. Instead, the summer dress code to exude elegance would be a tailored pair of trousers and a patterned shirt.

Men in Winter

A jacket suit is ideal for winter. It is important to always go for a suit that fits you properly. You must also select suitable shoes to compliment the outfit.

OPIUM is one of the most famous clubs in Europe, and most people in the region have at least heard of the place.

To make sure you get into the club without any issues, you should follow the OPIUM Barcelona dress code. The rules on dressing are not clearly outlined by the club, but you generally need to be stylish and decent.

Men who don’t want to try out different types of clothes can simply go for the simple traditional suit. They should just make sure that the suit is tailored to fit them properly.

Women, on the other hand, can wear dresses, skirts, or trousers. These must be paired with collared shirts, and a belt should always be included.

At the end of the day you don’t have to worry. If you follow the advice we’ve given to you at Lista Discoteca, you won’t have to worry about the OPIUM Barcelona dress code.

And if you’re ready for enjoy the night out, the best of all is that you can enter the club free of charge by joining our OPIUM guestlist.

Have fun!