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Guide to the Pacha Barcelona Dress Code

pacha barcelona dress code

Pacha is one of the most esteemed nightclubs in Europe and you have to be sure to fit into its dress code.

Its location next to the beach, at the heart of the city’s nightlife district, has seen the club attract people from different parts of the world.

The uniqueness of Pacha as a brand is its scenic and unimaginable atmosphere, leaving the attendants in an ecstatic mood.

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Your experience at Pacha can only get better.

This guide highlights everything that you need to know about Pacha Club Barcelona dress code and how you can get to the club’s guestlist through Lista Discoteca.

What to Wear to Pacha Barcelona

Pacha’s dress code is quite strict. You must be smartly dressed or somewhat dressed to impress.

The bouncers will be looking for well-dressed people before opening the doors. That means that there is some dress code that you should avoid at all costs.

Here is a highlight of Pacha’s dress code for men and women.

Dress Code for Women

When it comes to partying, women stand at an advantage as far as the Pacha nightclub Barcelona dress code is concerned. Everyone wants the girls in the club.

The dress code to Pacha is, therefore, easier for them compared to men.

The Clothes

As long as what you put on is smart and sexy, then you will be welcomed warmly at Pacha. However, you should be cautious that your dress code does not reveal your intimate body parts. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of the club.

Can you wear shorts to Pacha Barcelona? Of course, yes. However, you must keep the shorts fancy. Dresses are also recommended.

The Shoes

High heels are highly recommended. You can also try out a Stan Smith or a stylish sneaker.

Flip flops, running shoes, sandals, and other beach shoes are not allowed.

The Hair

Any hairstyle is acceptable in Pacha. However, coloured and Rasta hair might not be a good taste for the nightclub.

Dress Code for Men

It’s absolutely normal if you ask to youself: what should I wear for a night out in Barcelona?

Men in the city dress in the most elegant way, and you have to be up to it. Just like any other nightclub in Barcelona, Pacha is quite strict on men when it comes to their dress code.

Bouncers tend to have their eagle eyes focused on what men are wearing too. It is, therefore, recommended that you have a clean and stunning look when going to Pacha Barcelona.

Here are some recommendations.

The Clothes

For men, a clean and nice shirt worn with long pants will do. T-shirts and short dress pants are also allowed.

However, regardless of the outfit that you choose, they should not be branded using vulgar expressions.

You should also avoid putting on group outfits, band wears, jerseys, and clothes with sports team logos.

The Shoes

The most considered wear when allowing men into the Pacha club is the shoes. A Stan Smith or dress shoes are best suited to the nightclub. You can also try a Nike Frees or any casual sneakers.

Shoes to be avoided here include tennis sneakers, running shoes, and beach shoes.

The Hair

Pacha Club is quite picky when it comes to hairstyles. Your hair must be well kept and neat for you to be allowed into the nightclub.

Rasta hair, undercuts, unkempt, and coloured hair are not allowed in Pacha Club.

pacha nightclub barcelona dress code

The Best Outfit for Each Season

Pacha is located at a legendary party location. However, not every wear is fit for every season.

Wearing for the right season will see you enjoy your nightlife at Pacha Barcelona. If you are wondering how you should wear for a night out in Barcelona during various seasons, here are some tips for you.

Summer Tips for Women

No matter how hot it may be, you should avoid shorts at all costs.

You may consider wearing a lightweight dress or linen pants. Temperatures might drop during the night, even when it is summer. You may, therefore, have to carry a sweater or a lightweight jacket.

Sandals are not allowed in Pacha. Heels or wedges will work well for you.

Winter Ideas for Women

Having thick leggings and nice jeans go well with the clubbing style in Pacha. You should also consider having a warm jacket, a warm scarf, and a medium sweater when the temperatures are low at night.

Heels are good for clubbing, but they may not be ideal when it is snowy. Leather boots should be in your checklist for nightlife in Barcelona, particularly to wear when it is snowy.

Summer Men’s Tips

It is quite easy to dress up for the night at Pacha as a man during winter. Tank tops or short-sleeved shirts are a great choice for the night.

Long shorts are also allowed, and they are the best fit for summer. A lightweight jacket and some chinos may also work best for you.

Winter Men’s Tips

During winter, medium-pants or jeans work well for men.

On top of your shirt and sweater of choice, you may add a leather jacket to add some touch of elegance in your look.

Leather shoes or some dark casual sneakers are also suitable for nightlife during winter in Barcelona.

Get Ready and Get Your Free Entrance to Pacha Barcelona

You now have everything you need to know about the dress code at Pacha Barcelona.

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