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The Best Barcelona Clubs in 2020


At Lista Discoteca, we have analyzed the programming of all the discos in Barcelona so that you don’t have to miss out on the best parties each weekends. That’s why we offer you a list with the programming and schedules of all the hottest clubs in Barcelona.

A complete list in which the best events are organized, the best DJs are spinning … and much more!

The Best Nightclubs In the High Zone of Barcelona

Bling Bling:

Bling Bling is considered by many to be one of the best-known nightclubs in Barcelona and the top spot for all lovers of House. It was established in 2011 and decorated with the most outstanding, avant-garde aesthetic, adapted to the criteria of the moment. It has a rather young audience with a very special select wardrobe. It is also characterized by exclusive VIP tables for celebrities or for important occasions.

Thursdays are the most popular night of the club and the most popular party in the city. House and Pachanga in two rooms, at a party that you will be unable to forget.

It’s also usually quite crowded. If it is to the point of not being able to enter, you can always opt for other options, such as “Luz de Gas” or “Soho Club” that are very close.


Another of the fashionable clubs in Barcelona is Soho, located on Aribau Street, considered to be the leisure center of the whole city. It has a very special decoration in a New York style with white sofas and all kinds of elements of the most aesthetic.

Among its main musical styles we find House, Pop, Pachanga and Dance. In addition, like many of the nightclubs in the area, it has a private area for those who want to enjoy a little privacy, but without sacrificing preferential treatment.

This trendy nightclub has a schedule from Thursday to Saturday.

The Best Outdoor Discos


If you want to enjoy the best views of the city, Opium is right up your ally, since it is located right by the sea. It’s also quite popular with tourists from all over the world. Featured at Opium are concentrated prestigious DJs, like Frank Caro or Danny Cardona.

It is open 365 days a year, so it’s always available for a good time.


We end with Pacha Barcelona, ​​a disco that has a terrace from which you can take in the sea views. The moment you enter the premises, you will be part of a select and very distinguished environment and the predominant style of music is Electronic Dance Music.

One of its most outstanding services is the ability to reserve what they call a “VIP Table Pacha” and enjoy the place as very important people.

For the best known and most popular nightclubs in Barcelona, be sure to check out these spots and you’ll be living your dreams, even if just for the night.