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What’s the atmosphere like at Pacha Barcelona?


The first Pacha nightclub was opened in 1967 in Sitges, one of the towns most renowned for its night life on the Catalan coast. Just seven years later, right in the midst of the hippie movement, Pacha landed in Ibiza where he became an icon thanks to parties like F *** me, I’m famous and Flower Power. In Pacha Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, they celebrate events like the Sauvage Party where they have resident DJs like Alberto Herrera and Marshall Night and where you will be able to enjoy an unsurpassed atmosphere.

Pacha's first location in in Sitges.
Pacha’s first location in in Sitges.

Why the atmosphere in Pacha Barcelona is the best in the city

From its very beginnings, the Pacha group has been at the forefront of electronic music and it has aimed to set trends, which is why it dedicates each day of the week to a different musical style. Electro house, techno or electro pop are just some of the options that you will find here, bringing together the best national and international DJ’s. From Monday to Sunday the best disc jockeys play in one of the city’s most astounding locations, the port, where the best nightlife in Barcelona is to be found.

The atmosphere at french montana

The corporate colours of the company can be seen in every corner of the nightclub and, as expected, the atmosphere is highly elite. Although there is no definite dress code, it is clear that you cannot just wear any old thing to this classy destination. Both men and women had best leave their sportswear at home. The boys are going to have to pull out their best polos or shirts and girls will need to match them; of course, you do not have to go in a dress or skirt if you do not want to: the important thing is to be elegant and a pair of pants and a blouse could be perfect.

dressing for pacha

This is a location that tries to convey a special sensation. Both the insurance companies and the company’s staff know that Pacha’s public is not just anyone but the best, and that’s why they want to treat it as such. If the company has been consolidated for so many years is thanks to the image they give, their service and the loyalty of their customers. If you go to Pacha Barcelona once, you will surely return! The drinks and cocktails they offer, therefore, are not made in a run of the mill manner. The bar is stocked with only the best brands and, when you pay a sizeable sum, you will know what you are paying for. But who will take to Pacha Barcelona like a duck to water? Lets go check it out.

What kinds of people go to Pacha Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city full of life both day and night. Besides being the capital of Catalonia, it is the second largest city in Spain and this, together with its Mediterranean spirit and the European modernity, make it the cultural centre of the country. Every year thousands of students arrive to the city ready to integrate into the city as do millions of tourists.

Pacha-tea party. Let's go to the beach oh oh oh! August 2017
Pacha-tea party. Let’s go to the beach oh oh oh! August 2017

Therefore, in Pacha you will find people coming from everywhere in the world. British, German, Italian, Brazilian or Japanese, among many other nationalities, meet here every night. Local, European or international, everyone is welcome! What is the most important thing? To give off good vibes, and to be ready to have fun and to socialise and make friends. You will meet people from every country on the planet!

In Pacha, in addition, you will hear all kinds of languages; Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian and French are the ones you will hear the most; in Pacha you will also hear the best national and international music. Finding someone who speaks your language, as you can imagine, will not cause you any problems!

Party Pop That Party. August 2017
Party Pop That Party. August 2017

And what is the average age? Of course, entry is prohibited to minors, but there is no established average age. No matter how old you are, you will feel at ease. The important thing for Pacha Barcelona is not the age of the body, but the age of the soul, so this is a place for the forever young! During the week the people who go to Pacha Barcelona are usually younger because in the city there is a great university atmosphere with an incredible desire to party. However, the average age is no longer so fixed. Every weekend, thousands of tourists come to Barna to have a good time and they join all those who feel like exploring but who cannot visit during the week due to work commitments.

As you can see, it is Pacha Barcelona itself that sets the rules. If it has become one of the most recognised national nightclubs both inside and outside our borders, then this is thanks to the way they take care of their image and the way that they genuinely care that you and your friends have a luxurious experience.

Go check it out!