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Where Can You Smoke Shisha in Barcelona?

Where can you smoke shisha in Barcelona

Barcelona is a very eclectic city and different establishments are intended to suit a variety of unique tastes. While there is no doubt that this metropolitan area has become internationally famous for its clubbing atmosphere as well as for its selection of high-class restaurants, shisha (or hookah smoking) has gained a solid reputation thanks to the number of venues that are currently available. So, do you want to know where can you smoke shisha in Barcelona? Here is the list with the best places!

Ziryab Lounge

If you are looking to experience a true Middle Eastern flavour alongside a tranquil and laid-back atmosphere, Ziryab Lounge could be the perfect venue. Offering up a host of plush couches amidst soothing ambient lighting, the sense of relaxation to be found here cannot be matched. Management has provided a host of different types of shisha depending upon your personal tastes and it is said that their quality cannot be rivalled by local competitors. You can choose to arrive with a group of friends or simply to sit back and read your favourite book. Keep in mind that Ziryab Lounge also offers up an eclectic shisha menu at reasonable prices. Cocktails and smoothies are likewise available upon request.

Ivy Shisha Lounge

The open-air nature of Ivy Shisha Lounge will provide you with hours of enjoyment. This venue is defined by its modernistic appeal as well as by its selection of unique shisha combinations. Expert bartenders are also more than happy to mix up your favourite beverage as you sit back and relax with a quality hookah. Warm ambient lighting is provided alongside a superior attention to detail, so this establishment could be perfect for high-end gatherings such as corporate meetings or even wedding parties. Another convenient fact associated with Ivy Shisha Lounge is that it is located directly north of Avinguda Diagonal and only five minutes away from Via Augusta. The closest metro stop is Diagonal (L3) while you can also take the RENFE train to Provenca.

Medina Azahara Shisha Bar Club

Billed as “a different experience”, Medina Azahara Shisha Bar Club is open every day from four o’clock in the afternoon until midnight. One of the great aspects of this shisha lounge is that it is rather off of the beaten path when compared to some of the other larger venues found within upper Barcelona and Gracia. So, you are not as likely to encounter massive crowds during the evenings or over the weekends. This could also be a great option if you happen to be on a tight budget, as their prices are highly competitive without sacrificing the quality of the shisha itself. The authenticity of Medina Azahara Shisha Bar Club is another amazing characteristic and many patrons feel that this is one of the best local venues to enjoy without having to enter into a high-end establishment. Their wide selection of shisha is complimented by other soothing drinks and their mint tea is particularly recommended. This lounge is located within the heart of the Raval district, so there are plenty of other attractions to see along the way.

These are some of the most impressive shisha establishments in Barcelona and each of these will offer up its own unique flavour. Please refer to their official websites to learn more information or if you require directions.